Eachday is a new possibility!

Young, energetic and alive, that's what we are.

Jayachandra foods is a health and wellness company born out of quest for quality. We envision to be one stop solution for those looking for best in quality food products from India today and generations to come.

Our company is poised to cater to world market with the best that is available from the nature's lap. The founding policy of our company has been to focus on delivering the world class products to the customer.

we have the best talents in our organization to craft our growth. we strive to achieve and maintain international standards. we are the best producers, suppliers, traders and exporters of food products.

Job works of farming,procuring,processing,trading and ware housing are handled with perfection which eventually backs us to deliver quality products ,reduce cost and eliminate middlemen.

Our Products are marketed under the brand name

Best quality and better service and healthy living . This sums up who we are and what we stand for!

We want to do more than just meet requirements. We want to take initiative to progress.

Anticipating to be of service to you!

Our Brand Promise:

Bringing Health and Happiness through food

These words are the shorthand for our mission, our beliefs and our values - a promise that we make to the world.

Our Commitment:

To creating products and solutions that make a difference to people's lives today and for the generations to come.