We are the leading suppliers of high quality fresh Garlic from India. The range of fresh garlic offered by us is handpicked from the most trusted and reliable farms in India. Garlic in India is normal white garlic with slight pinkish looks and normal sized bulbs and cloves. Each bulb has 8 to 15 cloves and their size is dependent on bulb size. This variety is extremely pungent and spicy. These hygienically assured garlic adds rich taste and flavor to food dishes. We ensure that our products are timely delivered with top notch quality. We never compromise on quality for reducing price for the customers. We provide complete flexibility to customers on packing type.

Garlic is a crop from the 'Liliaceae' family . It is in the form of round bulbs and cloves attached to it. The crop has been used since ancient times for seasoning purposes and is said to be of Asian origin. The botanical name is 'Allium sativum'. It's similar crops are Leeks, Shallots and chives. Worldwide it is consumed in many forms like Raw, Peeled, Powdered, Paste, Chopped, Minced, Crushed, Granules. Most of the ancient foods and fast foods world wide uses it in one or other form. We Garlic Expoter, Garlic Trader, Garlic Supplyer and Garlic Wholesaler from Nashik.

• Color : Normal white, White with some pinkish tint.

• Shape : Round.

• Size : 25 mm+ , 35 mm+, 45 mm+.+, 55 mm+ and Customized.

• Packing : 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg and Customized.

• Material : Mesh bags, Cartons and Customized.

• Taste : Highly spicy, Fragrant and pungent.

• Container : 40 Ft HC Reefer.

• Temperature : 1 to 4 Degree Celsius.

• Ventilation : 25%, 15 to 25 cbm/h.

• Humidity : 65 % RH is ideal.

• Quantity : 29 MT per container.

• Snack Manufacturers, spices Manufacturers.

• Household, Restaurants & Kitchens.

• Catering companies.

• Super Markets, Hypermarkets.

• Importers, Wholesalers, retailers and others.